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Introducing Wine Xaver, the Safe and Natural Way to Preserve Uncorked Wine for an Additional 10-12 Days

A new Utah company is making a footprint in the wine industry by helping wine connoisseurs extend the freshness of a bottle of wine once it is opened.

Wine Xaver, a product of Moxiyo LLC, debuts their safe, all-natural Wine Xaver bottle stopper for home and business use. Wine Xaver works to extend the freshness of uncorked wine for an additional 10-12 days by slowing the spoilage process. Extending the freshness and reducing wine spoilage can amount to huge savings for wine connoisseurs, bar, and restaurant owners alike.

Years of scientific research into the produce and beverage industry have led to the development of Wine Xaver as a wine extender solution. The food-safe mineral emits natural CO2 that creates a protective barrier in a bottles air space above the wine. Once a bottle of wine is uncorked, wine can spoil in just a couple of days. Studies show that a Wine Xaver Wine Stopper can keep wine fresh for an additional 10-12 days.

The concept of using CO2 to preserve produce isn’t a new one. Science shows us that fruits and vegetables take in CO2 and release oxygen. Applying that same concept to wine, which is derived from grapes, lab studies demonstrate that the organic mineral used in Wine Xaver reduces oxygen (02) by converting it to natural carbon dioxide (CO2). Wine Xaver, with its anti-bacteriostatic properties, prevents bacterial growth of aerobic pathogens and spoilage organisms including molds. The result? Wine Xaver enhances wine preservation and prevents early spoilage, thereby allowing wine enthusiasts to extend freshness for many more days.

When managing the lifespan of opened wine, bars and restaurants can enjoy the financial benefits of Wine Xaver. A well-known industry challenge is when a customer orders a glass of wine, and if the rest of the bottle is not sold within a couple of days, the remaining wine will be discarded due to spoilage. Spoilage amounts to shrink and profit losses. Wine Xaver makes it possible for bars and restaurants to manage the lifespan of opened wine much longer and allows them to sell full bottles of wine. It can also extend champagne for an extra 5 days. Additionally, Wine Xaver Wine Stopper is simplistic to use and doesn’t require additional equipment. Other products require more complicated equipment and tedious pumping of a bottle, which can lead to bottle breakage.

Restaurants and bars are embracing Wine Xaver. Wine Xaver is being used to reduce shrinkage and extend the shelf life of an opened bottle of wine. Hilton Garden Inn, General Manager, Alex Trompke says, “We are able to expand the life of our wine and sparkling drinks. Usually, we have issues a day after being uncorked, but we now save the life of wine for many additional days. You can definitely taste the difference that Wine Xaver makes.”