Wine Xaver – Set of 3



Wine Xaver is a reusable wine cork. Using CO2 technology Wine Xaver wine corks will keep a bottle of wine fresh for 10 days and champagne bubbly for an extra 5 days. (Includes 3 Wine Xaver Wine Corks)

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Backed by scientific research

Safe, Non-toxic, and FDA approved

Years of scientific research in the produce and beverage industry have led to the development of Wine Xaver as a wine extender solution. The natural CO2 in Wine Xaver is an organic, food-safe mineral that preserves wine.
For Commercial and Wholesale orders email for quote


Wine Xaver can be used and reused in multiple bottles of wine for 10 days.

Reduce Shrink

Wine Xaver can easily be used in bars & restaurants to reduce shrink and minimize discards.

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