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Keep Wine Fresh Longer

Wine Xaver stops wine oxidation by converting O(oxygen) into natural CO2  (carbon dioxide) to enhance preservation and maintain the freshness of wine.

Why Does Open Wine Go Bad?

Once a bottle of wine is opened, it starts to oxidize. Think of a freshly cut apple, its flesh turns brown rapidly: That’s oxidation. When wine oxidizes, it starts to lose its freshness, the color and flavor changes. By removing oxygen and replacing it with CO2 , wine will retain its taste and flavor.

How Does Wine Xaver Work?

By recorking a bottle of wine with the easy-to-use Wine Xaver cork, Wine Xaver creates a protective CO2 barrier in the bottle head space to enhance wine preservation and extend freshness. With its anti-bacteriostatic properties, Wine Xaver prevents bacterial growth and spoilage which keeps wine fresh with every pour.

Reduce Shrink in Households, Bars and Restaurants

Just because you open a bottle of wine does not mean you need to consume the entire bottle in a day or two. Wine Xaver’s reusable cork keeps your wine fresh for 10 days. Now you can use the entire bottle of wine without pouring a drop down the drain.


Hear what other people are saying.

We are able to expand the life of our wine and sparkling drinks. Usually, we have issues a day after being uncorked, but we now save the life of wine for five more days. You can definitely taste the difference that Wine Xaver makes.

Alex T.General Manager, Hilton Garden Inn

I re-opened my wine every day for 12 days with the Wine Xaver cork. The wine tasted as fresh as the first day.

Nick S.GM/Partner/Owner Texas Roadhouse

Nicholas Food Distributors is taking Wine Xaver into full distribution by delivering it to their casino and bar customers in the Las Vegas and Reno markets.

Nicholas Food Distributors
Backed by years of scientific research

Wine Xaver is safe, non-toxic, and FDA approved.

Not Just Another Wine Stopper

Wine Xaver is the only wine stopper that uses CO2  technology to extend the freshness and taste of wine for an extra 10 days and keep champagne bubbly for an extra 5 days.

How Does Wine Xaver Work?

Wine Xaver removes oxygen and replaces it with CO2 which preserves wine and creates a protective CO2 barrier in the head space.  While humans require oxygen to live, fruits & vegetables need CO2 to grow and thrive.  Wine is made from grapes which is why Wine Xaver’s CO2 prevents wine from spoiling and keeps wine fresh down to the last drop. The customized cork creates a tight seal which keeps oxygen out and CO2 inside the bottle of wine.

Is it Safe?

Yes! Years of scientific research in the produce and beverage industry have led to the development of Wine Xaver as a wine extender solution.  Wine Xaver is made with Moxiyo which is an organic, food-safe mineral that removes oxygen and creates CO2 which preserves wine.  It is approved by the FDA, USDA and is OMRI Organic.

Is Wine Xaver Reusable?

Yes! Wine Xaver can be used for 10 days in the same bottle or different bottles of wine.

Will Wine Xaver Affect the Flavor of the Wine?

No, materials used in Wine Xaver are specifically chosen to be inert and will not impart flavors into the wine.

Can I Store Corked Wine Xaver Wine on its Side?

To work effectively, the Wine Xaver stopper needs to be in contact with air inside the bottle.  The bottle needs to be stored in an upright position.